# teachcode

Brush up your programming skills right from the terminal.

# How it works

Users are required to solve 30 tasks that take them through the basic constructs of the programming language of their choice. The tasks are designed in such a way that the complexity increases as users progress through the tasks. One can't move forward until the current task is completed. Previously submitted tasks can be viewed if he/she wants but can't be worked on again.

  • teachcode expects you to have a GitHub account. Make sure that you create one if that's not the case.
  • Navigate to the directory of your choice and type in teachcode init. After typing the command, the following window would appear in your terminal


  • Select the language of your choice and follow the instructions as prompted.


  • After entering your Github user token, you would get the following screen. Now type in cd teachcode-solutions followed by teachcode fetchtask.

  • Hurray 🎉 , you've got your first task.
  • Now you can find a config.json and task1.py (language of choice) file within the teachcode-solutions directory.


  • Open up your favorite editor and code up the solution.


  • Now type in teachcode submit.
  • Enter your Git credentials when prompted.
  • If the current solution satisfies all test cases, you'll get the key to proceed farther.
  • Now type in teachcode fetchtask.
  • Solve all 30 question, to complete the task

In case you want to revisit any of the previously submitted tasks, grab the associated key by typing in teachcode showkeys followed by teachcode fetchtask <key>

  • That's all folks, good luck 👍