# Contributing

# Guidelines

  1. Fork and clone the repository.
  2. Navigate to the project directory.
  3. Now install the dependencies with npm install
  4. Type in npm link which creates a symlink and thereby allowing teachcode to be accessed globally.
  5. Make your life changing changes.
  6. Ensure that your code is free from linting errors and is as per prettier conventions by typing in npm run lint.
  7. We use commitlint conventional naming rules for our commits, make sure that you follow them.
  8. Now you may push it to the remote repository by switching over to another branch and finally proposing a Pull Request to the base fork.

# Points to ponder

  1. Make sure that you submit an issue first if you have something in mind that you're willing to work on.
  2. Follow a rebase strategy to update your remote branch with the latest changes.
  3. Prefix your branch names with feat/, docs/ or hotfix/ for feature proposals, docs-related and bug fixes, respectively.